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Restaurant KOBE

The best steaks need the best meat of the World and also the best chefs.

In our newly opened restaurant Kobe we have prepared menu which is full of meat specialities, the best steaks and also meals which are made from Kobe beef which has been rated for years as the best quality beef of the World.



Kobe beef

Black, shorthaired cattle raised in Japan from the well known breed Wagyu “Japanese cattle.” Due attention is devoted to raising this cattle. It is massaged, fed beer and supposedly even cognac. Wagyu is an original Japanese method of raising cattle, known since 1830. This meat is regarded as meat of the best quality, mainly thanks to its marbling which gives it its tenderness, juiciness and taste that no other meat in the world can compete with. As Kobe meat is banned from export from Japan, “Kobe style beef” is raised in America and other locations around the world from crossbred cattle breeds.

Aberdeen Angus, South America

A modern meat breed excelling in good fertility of mother cows and easy labour. One of the characteristics of the breed apart from an absence of horns is that it is entirely black, sometimes even red in colour. Meat from fatstock is distinguished by its marbling, delicacy, juiciness and specific taste.

Charolais, white breed of meat cattle CR

You won’t encounter this breed in a cattle house. It spends its entire life grazing in pastures. The cows are not milked and they nurse their calves for more than half a year. Considering the fact that they mature later, their bodies do not manage to store fat. Meat, which gets to your table from this Czech breed is leaner and healthier than you are accustomed to. Thanks to proper treatment and maturation, it is exceptional at first sight, just as at first taste.

Czech Angus

The first calf was born in the CR in 1992. It is an exclusive meat of the highest quality, which comes from the Aberdeen Angus meat cattle breed. It is raised in an ecologically clean environment and without the use of industrial feed. The meat only comes from young bull between 16 and 20 months of age. An important process during processing is maturation which takes a minimum of 10 days at a precise temperature and humidity.


We prepare the meat from young lamb up to 12 months old. From Czech breeding farms, mountain meadows and pastures, where they graze on meadow herbs that contribute to the quality and taste of the meat making it easy to digest as well. The meat is always fresh, never frozen.


We prepare it from young chickens raised on French farms in the PAYS de LOIRE region, primarily fed with a corn mixture which causes the meat to take on a yellowish colour and it makes it tender.

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