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Restaurant KOBE

The best steaks need the best meat of the World and also the best chefs.

In our newly opened restaurant Kobe we have prepared menu which is full of meat specialities, the best steaks and also meals which are made from Kobe beef which has been rated for years as the best quality beef of the World.



ORDERS PRAGUE 608 643 923
Monday - Sunday 11.00 - 21.45

ORDERS BRNO 547 214 949
Monday - Thursday and Sunday 11.00 - 20.30, Friday - Saturday 11.00 - 21.30

  • - free delivery over 1000 CZK (total order and packing)
  • - under 1000 CZK, delivery price in Prague, Brno 140 CZK + 10 CZK per package/piece
  • - delivery outside Prague and Brno is calculated according driven km in price 10 CZK/km
  • - minimum price of order with delivery is 500 CZK
  • - for service take away is no minimal order price
  • - VIP customers discounts can be applied only to products listed in the leaflet with a fair price
  • - in the case of traffic problems we do not guarantee delivery time
  • - in the event of a delay with your order we will contact you by phone
  • - payable by cash or credit card

Actual offer:

The best of seafish
Tai, cuttlefish reddish color 150 CZK
Tako, octopus 150 CZK
Butter fish, butter fish 170 CZK
Ebi, shrimp 170 CZK
Sake, salmon 170 CZK
Hotate, st. jacobs scallops 200 CZK
Amaebi, sweet shrimp 200 CZK
Maguro, tuna 220 CZK
Unagi, eel 245 CZK
Rolled cone of seaweed nori wrapped around rice and fillings
Avocado 105 CZK
Ebi ten, fried prawn in batter 135 CZK
Sake, salmon 155 CZK
Tobiko, variation of gold, red and green caviar 175 CZK
California, salmon, avocado, mayonnaise 175 CZK
Unagi, eel 195 CZK
Ikura, caviar 195 CZK
Maguro, tuna 195 CZK
all for 60 CZK
Ikura, salmon caviar 60 CZK
Tobiko gold, flying fish roe caviar 60 CZK
Tobiko red, flying fish roe caviar 60 CZK
Tobiko green, flying fish roe caviar 60 CZK
Hotate, St. Jacobs scallops 60 CZK
Sushipoint, st. jacobs scallops, quail egg yolk 60 CZK
Kani, crab sticks 60 CZK
Tako, octopus 60 CZK
Ebi, shrimp 60 CZK
Amaebi, sweet shrimp 60 CZK
Unagi, eel 60 CZK
Anag, conger eel 60 CZK
Sake tempura, salmon 60 CZK
Ebi tempura, shrimp 60 CZK
Butter fish tempura 60 CZK
Maguro tempura, tuna 60 CZK
Sake tartar, salmon tartare 60 CZK
Maguro tartar, tuna tartare 60 CZK
Sake, salmon 60 CZK
Maguro, tuna 60 CZK
Sake avocado, salmon, avocado 60 CZK
Ika, sepia 60 CZK
Iwashi, sardine 60 CZK
Butter Fish, butter fish 60 CZK
Kisu, cod 60 CZK
Tai, red snapper 60 CZK
Goma wakame, seaweed goma wakame 60 CZK
Asupara, asparagus 60 CZK
Avocado, avocado 60 CZK
Tamago, egg omelette 60 CZK
Shitake, shitake mushroom 60 CZK
Inari, tried tofu 60 CZK
Futo, big roll stuffed with vegetables 270 CZK
Philadelphia roll, fried roll in batter ricota cheese Philadelphia, crab sticks 270 CZK
Avocado salmon, salmon, avocado 270 CZK
Ebi ten, fried prawn in batter, japanese mayonnaise 270 CZK
Green roll, roll with tuna , japanese mayonnaise, lime juice, onion, cucumber 270 CZK
California special, caviar/sesame avocado, salmon, japanese mayonnaise, cucumber 270 CZK
Calamari chilli sweet, fried calamari with sweet chilli sauce 270 CZK
Hot spice tuna, fried tuna in batter, cucumber, kimchi paste 270 CZK
Fried salmon roll, roll with fried salmon, avocado, red and gold caviar 270 CZK
Dynamite roll, hotate, kimchi pepper, japanase mayonnaise, spring onion 270 CZK
Sushipoint speciál, fried roll in batter, crab, salmon, prawn,avocado pear, mayonnaise, caviar 270 CZK
Skin roll, roll with grilled salmon coated with raw salmon slices, avocado, mayonnaise 270 CZK
Fuji, roll coated with raw salmon and tuna slices, shrimps, asparagus, mayonaise 270 CZK
California special selection, 10 PCs., selection of California maki 390 CZK
Hotate grill, roll with grilled hotate and limeta sauce, lettuce 270 CZK
Green catepillar, roll coated with avocado pear slices, unagi-eel, mayonnaise, spring onion, unagi topping, iceberg lettuce 270 CZK
Mango ebi, roll with prawn, mango and ricotta cheese Philadelphia 270 CZK
Unagi speciál roll, tamago, avocado, cucumber, caviar, japanese mayonnaise 390 CZK
The special rolls of rice paper with exotic sauces
Vegetarian roll
4 pcs - lettuce, rice paper, asparagus, shitake mushrooms, tamago, spring onion, black sesam, Philadelphia cheese
290 CZK
Salmon Goma Wakame Roll
4 pcs – rice paper, seaweed Goma Wakame, arugula, salmon, pineapple, cucumber, pickled ginger and lemon
320 CZK
Ebi Fried Roll
4 pcs – lettuce, rice paper, tiger shrimps in tempura batter , avocado, curry mayonnaise and fried onion
360 CZK
Chef's Special Roll
4 pcs – lettuce, rice paper, tuna, sesame oil, avocado, mango, arugula,chilli, mustard
390 CZK
Kappa, cucumber 100 CZK
Kani, crab sticks 100 CZK
Avocado, avocado 100 CZK
Asupara, asparagus 100 CZK
Tamago, egg omelette 100 CZK
Ebi, shrimp 100 CZK
Sake, salmon 100 CZK
Tako, octopus 100 CZK
Butter fish, butter fish 100 CZK
Maguro, tuna 100 CZK
Shitake, mushrooms 100 CZK
Unagi, eel 100 CZK
Beef consommé with fine vegetables 95 CZK
Misoshiru, soup of soybean paste 95 CZK
Ebi, spicy soup of fish broth 145 CZK
Tom Yum special, spicy soup with chicken meat and coconut milk flavour 145 CZK
We will prepare your choice of rice noodles or udon noodles
Vegetable noodles
Imperial peas, dried mushrooms and julienne vegetables, with optional fresh chilli on request
220 CZK
Noodles with chicken
pieces of chicken with shitake mushrooms and julienne vegetables,with optional fresh chilli on request
220 CZK
Noodles with shrimps
shrimp, oyster mushrooms and julienne vegetables, with optional fresh chilli on request
260 CZK
Noodles with beef sirloin
pieces of beef tenderloin with shitake mushrooms and julienne vegetables, with optional fresh chilli on request
350 CZK
Sushi menu 1
Maki sushi – 20 pcs., sake, maguro, california special sesame
490 CZK
Sushi menu 2
Maki sushi – 6 pcs., asupara,
Nigiri sushi – 6 pcs., sake, tako, maguro, ikura, ebi, unagi
590 CZK
Sushi menu 3
Maki sushi – 20 pcs., california special tobiko, sake, maguro,
Nigiri sushi – 8 pcs., butter fish, sake, maguro, ebi
990 CZK
Sushi menu 4
Nigiri sushi – 12 pcs., tako, unagi, maguro, ebi, ikura, ika,
Sashimi sushi – 9 pcs., butter fish, amaebi, sake
1500 CZK
Sushi menu 5 Sake
Nigiri sushi – 20 pcs., sake, hotate, ikura, tobiko red, tobiko green, tobiko gold, kani, tamago,
Temaki sushi – 2 pcs., ebi ten, sake
Sashimi sushi – 9 pcs., maguro, butter fish, sake
2990 CZK
Sushi menu 6
Maki sushi – 34 pcs., california special tobiko, california special sesame, sake, asupura, shitake
Nigiri sushi – 32 pcs., ikura, tobiko, sake, maguro, amaebi, tai, butter fish, unagi
3990 CZK
Sashimi set
Sashimi sushi – 9 pcs., maguro, sake, tai
490 CZK
Sushipoint Surprise
set for 3-5 persons , boat length 56 cm
Maki sushi – 50 pcs., california tobiko, california sesame, fried salmon roll, ebiten, sake, avocado, asupara
Nigiri sushi – 16 pcs., butter fish, sake, maguro, ebi
Sashimi sushi – 12 pcs., butter fish, sake
2990 CZK
Sushipoint Surprise XL
set for 5-8 persons, boat length 90cm
Maki sushi – 58 pcs., california tobiko – green, red, gold, california sesame, fried salmon roll, ebi fried, sake, shitake, asupura
Nigiri sushi – 32 pcs., tobiko – gold, red, unagi, ikura, butter fish, sake, maguro, tai, ika
Temaki sushi – 4 pcs., ebi ten, kani, sake, asupura, edamame salad, pickled olives
6990 CZK
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