About Our Restaurants

The place where true art of gastronomy is born.

The concept of KOBE RESTAURANTS network is based on the preservation of high quality and unity of gastronomic art even with such a large number of establishments. KOBE RESTAURANTS - this is designed environment, perfect service, a unique sense of detail, and an excellent menu where you can find an exceptional range of meats, including the exclusive Kobe meat that experts regard as one of the finest beef in the world. Enjoy fine sushi, fish and noodle specialties, salads, soups and delicious desserts, and you can also visit the Italian kitchen or bistro. The best chefs and professionally trained staff will ensure that your visit becomes an unforgettable gastronomic experience. The KOBE RESTAURANTS are highly spoken of not just in the Czech Republic.

About the KOBE meat

“Red gold“ from distant Japan

From time to time, one gets a taste of something unconventional, something he does not get or see every day, or even every month. Simply listents to his own calling. Specifically, it may just be the desire to taste something Japanese.

Japanese food is generally known to be healthy, full of vitamins and other beneficial things, it is not full of calories and uses plenty of vegetables and seafood. And it also look so imposant. After listing all of these "traditional" characteristics, most people will probably think of the Japanese national dish, and known worldwide as sushi. But what if your taste buds are still for something else and not so world-famous? What if you want something meaty? But it's a long way to Japan.

Fortunately, in the Czech Republic and even in Slovakia, you will find our restaurants belonging to the KOBE RESTAURANT network, where you can prepare dishes from the finest meat in the world - Kobe meat.

Japan, its culture and its access to the outside world is quite different and different from what the common European is accustomed to. That's why it's not surprising that the Japanese have a specific approach to their Wagyu stock, which ahve been bred for their unique Kobe meal. The first mention of breeding dates back to 1870, when a seaport was opened in Kobe. This caused foreign visitors to become acquainted with its unique taste, and it did not take long for the glory and myth of this unique meat to spread to other parts of the world.

Breeding Wagyu can be compared to breeding the best racing horses, and maybe even they would have stayed behind. Breeding is exceptional not only due to the careful supervision of the diet that the animals receive, but also thanks to regular brushing, body massages, they drink beer and japanese sake which has a positive impact on the function of their digestive tract. In order for the animals to be fully satisfied, stress free and in a good mood, the breeders even relax them with music. Exceptional care has huge impact on the taste and structure of the meat. Typical of this is intensely marbled with softer fat, which makes Kobe a meat distinct from other types of meat at first glance.

The stamp of exclusivity attracted even stars such as Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg. On the other hand, all these factors also corespond to the price per kilogram of Kobe meat which is astronimical. That's why it's easier for most people in our country to go to a restaurant where they can choose from professionally prepared "red gold" specials. And if they prefer Japanese classics, they are prepared a menu in the form of traditional and modern arrangement of sushi or a variety of seafood specialties with authentic Japanese tradition, using exclusively fresh ingredients and .